Lowlives Divine


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released June 1, 2017



all rights reserved


HIERONYMUS BOGS Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico

Hieronymus Bogs is a one-man troupe whose musical performances explore the primitive ties between music, poetry & art.

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Track Name: Endure
Endure- I saw a light come forth. I heard a voice be born. I felt a warmth. You are more. Thou art not nation, thou art not creed. Can't claim possession when God holds the seed. It's only God, it's only earth, it's only gratitude for what it's worth. I found the strength to endure.
Track Name: Seest Thou Not
Seest Thou Not- Seest thou not that my house lay in ruins. Noble thou art not, but reckless in abandon. Touch the lepper, clothe the begger, restore the ruins, restore them for me. Seest thou not that my house lay in ruins. Mighty thou art not but selfless in action. Shed your possessions, shun vain ambition, restore the ruins, restore them for me. Return to nature, atone all of creation, restore the ruins, restore them for me. Small and insignificant people can exact the greatest and most significant change.
Track Name: Lovers
Lovers- Lovers, show mercy to me. Lovers, don't get trapped by illusion. Shattered, splintered, transparent, razor thin. Lovers, this may be the last night we have to forgive one another. Show mercy, show mercy to me.
Track Name: Lowlives Divine
Lowlives Divine- In the darkness I find a half cigarette in my hand. The waitress walks by holding a pot and dipping a sponge with sad sunken eyes. This booth for a throne I watch the beggers outside dole out the wine staggering while wielding their cups with the weight of the world. Help me lord. They scrutinized my words I spoke to the downtrodden kind. Accused me of crimes of trying to cast their religion aside had me crucified, had me crucified. I burst from the tomb carving out hope from stone hands these glorious wounds started a revolution of low, of the lowlives divine, who drink too much wine. Time has past no time has passed, centuries to Theodosius, an eternity to now. Its a sickening view I see from this place that I hang. You stick your forks in my wounds you sanctify then satirize, then post the pictures online, you post the pictures online. I want to feel hope but I can't. I want to undo all the love that I have for the lowlives divine.
Track Name: Wild & Free
Wild & Free- Mother wild and free, father wild and free. God made me wild and free. Sacred rivers wild and free, tall trees rooted wild and free. Flora blooming wild and free, fauna roaming wild and free. God made me wild and free. How long will you defend unscrupulous men. Loud mouthed know it alls, cheaters and schemers and liars and haters. You so called great nations divided by greed. Claim all of creation as your panoply. Little sisters wild and free, little brothers wild and free. God made thee wild and free. Oceans churning wild and free, great plains longing wild and free. Mountains rising wild and free, valleys bowing wild and free. Sunlight blazing wild and free, good earth whirling wild and free Heaven reaching wild and free, the endless cosmos wild and free. All creation wild and free, in Gods image wild and free. God made thee wild and free.
Track Name: The Portal
The Portal- I beseech thee to pass through this half imagined portal. To pass if only for the breath of this poem into a place where fear is nonexistent, where love is intrinsic, where hope is all consuming. I entreat thee to pass into a place, where compassion emanates, emanates from the core of every object, living and nonliving, emanates from the core of every action and non action, emanates from the source that affirms only oneness. I beseech thee to pass into this place where anxious “What ifs?” fade, where death is the giddy continuity of life, where releasing is true possessing and departing is always just arriving. I beseech thee to pass, if only for the breath of this poem, into this half imagined place. Into this place I beseech thee to pass.
Track Name: The Resurrected Mind
The Resurrected Mind- Listen to the wolves howling not far off in the distance. They're calling out to you my love, calling out to you. I decree that I am alive, brought to life by something greater than I. I try to hold, I try to hide, I try to cling to what cannot satisfy. Be everything helpless and weak, be everything faded and broken, be everything eternal. Be not ashamed to dance before strangers, for they understand your freedom is stalling the great impending end. Whisper it in the crowded streets, holler it in solitude. The soul is the flesh of the resurrected mind. I believe in you my love, I believe in you.
Track Name: The Only Crown
The Only Crown- The only crown I bow down to is the one that belongs to you. And the only laws I'll submit to are the laws that are lost in you. And the only life I aspire to is a life that's inspired by you. And the only death I will conform to is the death that's dissolved through you. The only song worth singing to is the song that draws me to you. And the only truth I find worth clinging to is that mind cant contain you. And the only walls worth breaking through are the walls between me and you. And the only height worth rising to is the height that finds rest in you. Rise oh Lazarus. Rise, rise, rise. He called out in a gentle voice, he called out his name. Lazarus, oh Lazarus rise from your grave. And from the grave he struggled forth bound and confused. Then Jesus said unto them, let our Lazarus loose.